We recognize that in today’s business climate, IT investments need to be strategic and practical to have immediate impact. With over 25 years of experience designing, delivering, and supporting IT systems, we combine knowledge​ and stability with expertise and uncompromising service, so you can rest assured we’ll be everywhere you need us to support your organization's needs.


​​​​​​​LANRover’s networking and telecommunications solutions help organizations capitalize on the exciting yet increasingly complex advancements in networking technology. With IT manufacturers driving innovation, tracking new technologies and knowing which ones make sense for you company proves daunting:

  • The proliferation of server virtualization and bandwidth-demanding applications such as IP-based video that require enhanced routing and switching technology.
  • 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet—now the de facto standard in the LAN core.
  • New virtual switching technology that simplifies ongoing management of traditionally complex spanning tree and routing architectures.​
  • VoIP Technologies and Unified Communications - Preparing your business for a more robust and agile communication system.
  • Cloud based solution and remote enablement.
  • Securing network access and data protection.

​Many businesses find it difficult to configure all the features and functionality inherent in these technologies. LANRover helps you by utilizing the latest and advanced capabilities from the most trusted and innovative manufacturers. We combine this with a network design optimized for your organization's needs.

The payoff for your business? Increased security, simplified operations, lower cost and improved application performance.​

LANRover enables clients to unlock the unlimited potential of a completely connected world.